Excited to announce that I will join the Department of Psychology at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, as an Assistant Professor this summer. My appointment begins on July 1, 2018.

Students and volunteers, please email me if you want to get involved in my research. Below is a summary of my research areas:

In one line of research, I investigate how different transdiagnostic factors (e.g., overvalued ideation, perfectionism, and impulsivity) may function together to proliferate and maintain engagement in various health compromising behaviors (e.g., disordered eating and gambling). The research I have conducted is contributing to the development of a transdiagnostic theory of mental health disorders, which will help explain why people engage in health compromising behaviors. The ultimate aim of this line of research is to enhance the prevention, assessment, and treatment protocols of various mental health disorders (e.g., prevention and treatment for disordered eating).

In a second line of research, I investigate the mental health implications of group membership. This research integrates social identity theory with theories from clinical and health psychology to understand how group-related factors (e.g., perceived intergroup threat, group-based emotions, and social identification) affect the mental health and well-being of group members. The goal is to develop an integrative framework of how group membership may affect our mental health and well-being.

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