Prospective Students

Dr. Tabri is not accepting Postdoctoral Fellows for the 2020-2021 academic year.

Dr. Tabri is accepting one or two students to begin the graduate program in Psychology at Carleton University in Fall, 2020. He is interested in graduate students who will enter the Master’s program or the Doctoral program. Dr. Tabri’s decision to accept a graduate student is based in part on several criteria including, among other things, reference letters, grades, prior research experience, current research interests, research dissemination, and whether the student has applied for or is competitive for funding. Many of these criteria are part of the application to the graduate program in Psychology at Carleton University. For information on the program, please visit:

Dr. Tabri will give special consideration to applicants who have a strong academic background, strong reference letters, prior research experience, similar research interests, successfully communicated their research at professional conferences (e.g. through poster or other presentations) and/or in peer-reviewed scientific journals, and who have applied for or are competitive for funding. With regards to funding, applicants are strongly encouraged to apply for any and all fellowships for which they might be eligible. This includes external federal graduate fellowships offered by the Tri-Council Agencies, such as the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) and the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (SSHRC). There are also external provincial agencies (e.g., Ontario Graduate Scholarship) and other awards which are tenable in Ontario from which to seek funding. Moreover, there are internal awards offered by Carleton University (e.g, Teaching Assistantship, Entrance Scholarship, donor awards). For more information on external and internal  funding opportunities and awards, please visit:

If you plan to apply or have applied to the graduate program, please send Dr. Tabri a brief introductory email and a copy of your CV. After the application deadline, Dr. Tabri will prepare a short list of applicants based on the above criteria and invite a small number of applicants to interview by telephone and/or in person.

Dr. Tabri is accepting one or two undergraduate thesis students for the 2020-2021 academic year. Dr. Tabri accepts students with strong academic skills who have an interest in research being conducted in his laboratory and who are committed to graduate studies in psychology or another research-related field. If you are interested in completing your undergraduate thesis in Dr. Tabri’s lab, then please email Dr. Tabri ( well in advance (during the Fall 2019 or Winter 2020 semester) and provide him with an unofficial copy of your transcript, CV, and a recent sample of your academic writing.

Volunteers in Dr. Tabri’s lab attend weekly lab meetings and help with current projects being conducted in the lab. Volunteer activities may include data entry, setting up studies on Qualtrics and posting them on MTurk, downloading research articles from the MacOdrum Library, conducting circumscribed literature reviews, and assisting graduate students and research assistants with various projects. Volunteer activities may also include running research participants through studies, which often involves reviewing the informed consent with participants, providing them with questionnaires (either paper or online), and debriefing them about the purpose of the study after their participation. Volunteer hours will be agreed upon with Dr. Tabri on an individual basis. The duration of volunteer positions in Dr. Tabri’s lab are on a semester-by-semester basis.

There are currently no paid positions available in Dr. Tabri’s lab. However, should a paid position become available, Dr. Tabri would likely hire a laboratory volunteer.